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The main objective of the branding for an industrial constructions company "Tonny" was to show that this is a brand with a stable past and a bright future. It had to transmit values of a highly technological but still client-oriented approach. The concept is simple - Tonny isn't just about constructions. Tonny builds a road to the bright future. Slick, legible, futuristic, clean and stable - these are words that can simply describe the final logotype. A perfect construction was especially important in this project. A bright red and a perfect white create an intense, bold and modern ambience for the logo. Naming was a part of this project. An error many companies of this sector commit is getting lost in their ego. Sure, when you're building buildings it's hard not to name your business something like "Olympus" for example. We’ve decided to act smarter. The identity and the whole ideology of the company already scream that they are professional and trustworthy, that way the business' name can play other important roles. We’ve opted for a short, friendly and really humane word - almost like a person's name. And the client instantly relates to the company, creates an attitude towards it, and the overall level of their relationship rises significantly. Sometimes it's the little details that can completely change the client's perception of a company.

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