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A campaign for a British telecommunications, Internet and mobile network services company TalkTalk, targeted at teenagers under 21 years old. It was a great project. Because under 21 the life's different. You don't have responsibilities being a teenager - your main social role consists of being the coolest person out there. That's why self-expression is so important at this age. So, how do you attract a person who's main goal is to express his individuality through everything he does? You can't say how great you are and wait for him to like you, that's not enough. In order for this type of audience to really fall in love with a brand it's necessary to give them an opportunity to self-express. So, the right answer is to give them a canvas. This very phrase is a canvas, on which they can self-express and witness the self-expression of others. Beautiful in its simplicity.

The amount of information behind it is worth a separate book. But the best of all is that you get it instantly. Using a language the teenagers speak themselves the campaign transmits two key messages:

▪ With TalkTalk on the market there's no place for the competition.
▪ Better do nothing than something that doesn't express you.

#TalkTalkOrShutUp is more than a campaign - it's an attitude. And the flexibility of a hashtag gives the company's audience freedom to express it. By launching this campaign it motivated people to show what #TalkTalkOrShutUp means to them by generating content under this hashtag. Combined with the target's constant need of self-expression, the freshness of their minds and their social activity TalkTalk was granted with a ton of potentially viral UGC with absolutely no need to host it.

Advertising campaign.

TalkTalk strategical planning

Advertising campaign.

TalkTalk strategical planning

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