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Sudoku World Championship

Advertising campaign

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A poster for the 10th installment of the annual Sudoku World Championship. The goal was to transmit the essence of this game, the feelings the players' got while solving these puzzles together or against each other. All the passion, tension and excitement reflected in one simple photo. For many the word «Sudoku» doesn't mean more than just some numbers on a sheet of paper, but seeing it this way it's impossible not to feel the energy that flows in the place during the competition. This is why people are really attracted to this kind of events, it's about feeling, not thinking. A clear composition, muted colors with vivid accents create that unique Japanese feel, perfect to remind about the roots of this game. we also had to sacrifice one of my favorite pencils for this poster, we wouldn't do it for nothing, ok? Every graphic element of the poster falls on a strict compositional grid ensuring a rapid and relevant perception of the presented information. The most informative part is situated in the «hottest» spot of the poster. When the human eye sees a vertical object with proportions similar to a face, the most attractive part becomes the one where the eyes should be, the 3/4 of it. The optical attraction of each element in particular has a defined value so that the viewer's eye follows a "programmed" path to provoke the right feelings at the right moment.

Advertising campaign.

Sudoku World Championship poster design

Advertising campaign.

Sudoku World Championship poster construction

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