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Staedtler is big. But, as the practice shows, you can't be big for everything. That was the reason for their decision to launch a precisely positioned campaign - the old values were no longer capable of affecting the consumer's decision. The objective was to invent and give an additional value to Staedtler's production. After an in-depth research we’ve concluded that the company's positioning lacked of a global reason, an ideology if you want. Staedtler is precision, quality, durability - but it has never said what you can do with it - absolutely no reason for the consumer to choose their products over the competitors'. So, we’ve went the other way round and searched for what do people actually do with some of the Staedtler's production and found that there is a whole community of people using it for artistic purposes. That was the moment the claim was born: Staedtler means having something to say, not to write down. And there you have it - the competition may produce great pens if you need to compose your groceries list, but if you really have something to say, to express yourself somehow - Staedtler is the choice. As for the graphic part of the campaign we’ve decided to add a bit of humor to it. Seeing the famous (and infamous) Black Square by Kasimir Malevich next to Staedtler's logotype instantly makes your imagination work, which, supported by the claim confirms the viewer's guess.

Advertising campaign.

Staedtler advertising campaign poster

Advertising campaign.

Staedtler advertising campaign

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