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The objective of this campaign was to communicate Snickers' new product line: Snickers Extra Long. At the moment of choosing the right platform for the campaign placement we’ve taken a strategical decision. The pre-metro convenience stores are one of the major snack distribution points. This, combined with a stressful atmosphere at most subway stations makes metro a great choice for such kind of campaign placement. But, pushing the whole idea further, we’ve decided to make expositions to this campaign inevitable. Thinking of what do all of people do at subway stations we’ve come up with a logical answer - all of them get on and off trains. So we’ve concluded that the actual trains at subway stations would make the best spot for the upcoming campaign. Now about the campaign itself. I was promoting the same old Snickers, but longer. So we’ve decided to exaggerate it a bit. That's how "Sniiiiiiiiiiiikers" was born - a Snickers so long, you have to stretch its name to fit it on the pack. Then again, taking this idea into account the whole train thing proved to be perfect for our needs. we’ve basically turned the trains into giant Snickers chocolate bars. Everybody at subway sees it, gets the idea and is able to buy the now desired product right away - upon leaving the train. All the pieces fit together.

Advertising campaign.

Snickers advertising campaign

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