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This campaign was launched in January 2015 to celebrate Skype's latest achievement - reaching an impressive number of 300.000.000 active users worldwide. The idea was to create a graphic representation of an ever-growing community to elicit emotions in its existing members and generate interest in the ones who are still to join it. This is where the claim was born - "Stay connected on the planet Skype". It's consisted of three key elements - a call to action ("Stay connected..." - stick with Skype), brand's USP ("...on the planet Skype" - this is a Skype's planet and if you're with us - it's yours too) and the brand's name ("...Skype" obviously). The graphic part of the campaign features a photographic montage of the planet Earth, modified the way its shape resembles the outline of the Skype's logotype and where the lit parts of the terrain form its iconic "S". Apart from being visually attractive it's a great way of making a metaphorical connection - Skype is the light in the darkness, Skype means active social life, connection between people. Also, the fact of giving it the shape of our planet creates a very friendly, humane feel but perfectly transmits the mightiness of the brand.

Advertising campaign.

Skype advertising campaign

Advertising campaign.

Skype advertising campaign

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