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Save more / Waste less

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This poster was created to raise the awareness of the problem of the world energy consumption in the human society for the 12th International Poster Biennial in Mexico (BICM) in 2012.

The poster consists of three main elements:
▪ A textual call to action.
▪ A graphic element which situates the viewer in a defined field of discourse.
▪ A graphic and contextual link between them.

The «desired» action is marked in blue as being a friendly color for human perception across the world, and the action to be dismissed on the contrary is marked in red - the color of denial in most cultures. The shape of a battery acts as a symbolic representation of the world's energy resources. To make the connotation more instant the signs of the electrical polarity were added, which were color-coded the way to connect the positive sign with the word «save» and the negative with «waste». This, added by an obvious missing link in the construction of the phrase acts as a connection between the textual and graphic part of the poster and gives it a strong sense. Apart from the contextual meaning the strong point of the color selection is the theory of the color opponency first researched by a German physiologist Ewald Hering in 1892. In the design field this theory basically means that the human eye finds combinations of the opposite colors more attracting than others. This poster is a great example of application of this fact as its most active colors are red and blue, which are situated on the opposite sides of the color wheel.

Save more / waste less.

Save more / Waste less poster

Save more / waste less.

Save more / Waste less poster construction

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