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Do you know what Raid does? It "Kills bugs dead", that's what it does. What can stress the seriousness of their intentions more than an image of a little bug funeral. Yeah, nothing - that's what I thought. Damn, that's a bit sad, but isn't it what the consumer wants, is it? And that's exactly what Raid offers. The process of creation of this campaign was not your everyday "minimalist poster" thing - we had to go to a toys shop and find a tiny hearse car model. That took us a while, as a hearse car model is not the first thing kids and their parents want to find in a toys store. But, when we had finally found one the rest was rather simple, we had to take a nice picture of it and the campaign was almost ready - we love this type of campaigns, the ones in which it's the idea that dominates. Having the perfect shot the only thing left was to sign it with the logo and add the claim, which, in this case, was already present as it is brand's all-time slogan. The campaign manages to be ready for application on all possible mediums, be simple, remembering and smart. The great thing about it is that it has a nice touch of humor to it, this is something really important in advertising and creative direction - if a campaign is funny in some way - you can be sure the consumer will remember it (forever).

Advertising campaign.

Raid advertising campaign

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