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The mission of this project was to communicate a significant price drop of Oreo's traditional product line. The reduced price and size of the package would drastically change its placement at the supermarket and move it to the checkout increasing the probability of a purchase - thus so leading to higher sales. The idea behind the communication campaign was to clearly state and, more importantly show what the customer is actually giving for his "favorite Oreo". This effect was achieved by literally turning the iconic Oreo cookie into a €1 coin we are all used to hold. A central composition and a realistic lighting emphasize this effect. As the primary target is 15-20 years old a clear and straight-to-the-point communication was needed. The claim "Your favorite Oreo, now for just 1€" tricks the viewer into several misconceptions which are crucial for the brand: it decides for the consumer that "Oreo" is his favorite brand of cookies and that 1 euro is really not much to pay for it. In a fast-paced lifestyle the target audience is used to this is an indispensable way of informational "feeding".

Advertising campaign.

Oreo advertising campaign

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