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Waking up can be damn hard at times, especially at 6 AM. That's what Nescafé is about - making this moment better. As always we’ve approached this project with a rock-solid reasoning: we’ve basically needed to define the pros of waking up in general and to connect it with the brand. The answer lies in the question - there already is an "up" in waking up. And that "up" in our case is Nescafé. Simplifying the equation led us to the slogan: Nescafé. The "Up" of waking up. Genuinely simple and friendly, just like Nescafé's coffee itself. But being "simple and friendly" is not enough, so we’ve decided to add a plot twist: the word "Up" in this slogan can be also interpreted literally - Nescafé is what helps you to get in the "up" position in the morning. we needed something to accentuate that second meaning. The graphic part was there to help us. What we needed is an element which would trigger the literal interpretation of the slogan in the viewer's mind. So we’ve thought about something that could instantly get anyone out of their bed at 6 AM. A stadium air horn was cruel enough. we’ve merged the original Nescafé pack with an image of an air horn - the result is a campaign with a healthy grain of humor and a clear message the viewer can think about.

Advertising campaign.

Nescafé advertising campaign

Advertising campaign.

Nescafé advertising campaign

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