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We love the story behind the Martini brand. But in the last years the brand has targeted mainly male audience and as a result it has lost a great part of its female consumers. This print campaign was meant to fix this situation. That way from the start it was obvious that it should use strictly feminine graphical language and a direct tone. We were immediately struck by a vision of how the iconic image of a Martini cocktail glass can be related to the beauty of a woman's body. They are both beautiful, fragile and exquisite. That slim, elegant and almost invisible glass is like a girl itself, so the only thing we had to do is to hint at it the right way. But, as this is an advertising campaign - not an art piece (unfortunately), a direct message was needed, a call to action. It was clear to us: the image's reason to be so arousing is its explicit double meaning. What is the girl doing? Well, she's treating herself... to a Martini. Add a more direct tone to it and you have the claim: Treat yourself to a Martini. It's always nice to leave some space for the imagination - that's something girls like to do.

Advertising campaign.

Martini advertising campaign

Advertising campaign.

Advertising campaign

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