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«Mario» was a branding project for a Russian premium catering and supplies service. The objective was to create a branding identity that would combine the company's premium sector approach with an overall friendly feel to create a brand that both medium and high class could feel comfortable with. This played a crucial role in the development of the identity as the company aimed for a wider social class as their primary target. So the main challenge was to create a design system which combined elements common for customers of premium services as well as for adherents of more regular services without deterring each of them. One of the ways to achieve this effect was the color selection: a warm and inviting orange accented by white creates a cozy and modern feel which, added by a livery corporate pattern, plays a defining role in the first-sight perception of a brand's identity. The shape of the logotype subconsciously leads the viewer into the world of food. Soft edges, a «smiling» contour and a conservative type complete the overall image.

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Logo construction

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