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Designed for a Spanish lemonade store, «JULL» is as bright and tasty as the drinks they sell. The logotype is bold and steady, yet modern looking, due to the fresh corporate colors which perfectly transmit the values of the brand: sweet, exciting and mean. It was created bearing in mind that «in your face» aesthetic the client wanted to achieve, which resulted into this shiny piece of design. The corporate colors were picked the way they could be combined together in any possible way without loosing the identity of the brand and, thus so, the possibility of being recognized instantly by a potential customer. Provided with a precise construction, optical alignment and the microtypography this logo is also perfectly scaleable and easy to apply on any existing medium. Apart from the graphic design work a meticulous naming process took place to create a truly unique and simple word to be remembered by the customers. Given the Spanish pronunciation «JULL» sounds just as cool as it looks. Four letters and one syllable is the perfect match for an easy remembering brand's name. Also, their lemonade is quite nice, so try it out, I'm sure you will notice the store from miles away.

Corporate identity.

Corporate identity design

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Logotype construction

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