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«Inner» is a UK-based coffee shop. The mission was to create a logotype which would be friendly and inviting, but exquisite at the same time. So, for this project we’ve chosen a different approach - we’ve decided to take our calligraphic skills as a starting point. After creating 50+ variations using a brush we’ve begun the selection process to define the version which had the most potential as a graphic. Refining the stroke and making the necessary microtypographical touches we got a lettering ready to be vectorized. The final lettering resulted in a firm yet delicate logotype, perfectly working at any scale and great at transmitting the designated brand's values. Calligraphy is a field where a total concentration is indispensable to create a lettering which could be both brisk and readable, perfect at a first, second and third sight. To reach the desired effect it is necessary to bear in mind the final result, the stability, the pressure, the form and the counterform. A vivid turquoise, white and black were chosen as the primary corporate colors. As the client opted for a more contemporary direction in the overall concept of the coffee shop a less obvious but still effective decision was made concerning the color selection.

Logo design.

Logotype design

Corporate identity.

Corporate identity

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