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DML Moscow is a young, but an already successful Russian fashion brand formed by two ex-ballet dancers Liana and Diana Madysheva. The objective of this project was to create a catchy, yet traditional branding. Having done an in-depth research we’ve decided to take the Japanese culture as an inspiration for the logotype as there were present strong references to the Japanese fashion culture of the VIII century in their collections. The idea was to make a connection between the traditional Japanese sealing system "Inkan", which was used to sign pieces of art for example, and the purely modern approach the girls used to create their collections. That way the logotype is finally what it used to be when it was born. Also, there's this beautiful metaphor of this logotype sealing the "pieces of art" the girls produce. The final logotype consists of a highly stylized, almost futuristic monogram which plays the role of an imagotype and the actual logotype which transmits more traditional values. It plays well with the two corporate color schemes - the warm one for their spring-summer collections and the cold one for fall-winter collections. One thing we always keep in mind while working on any project is that literally everything must make sense and have its proper justification.

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Logotype design.

Logo design

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