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Colectivo Orgullo Arcoiris

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The objective of this project was to create the communication pillars for Colectivo Orgullo Arcoiris. To compete on the international market you have to use a strong idea, one idea to be passionate about for people around the world. In order to do so we have to dig deeper inside COA's mission: it's not solely about man-man or woman-woman relationships - it's about saying that no matter who you are - you deserve to love and to be loved. This is where the new copy comes from: love is for everyone. What can tell more about us than our handwriting? The use of different fonts in the logo perfectly describes the idea of diversity. This is the concept which stands behind the new logo - we all are different, and each of us deserves love - this is what COA is for.

The campaign.

Colectivo Orgullo Arcoiris campaign

The logotype.

Colectivo Orgullo Arcoiris logotype

The logotype (B/W).

Colectivo Orgullo Arcoiris logotype b/w

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