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Blind Gin


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«BLIND» Gin is a 47° beast, capable of knocking out a 16-year-old girl from the first sip. Intended to show the result of the consumption the bottle sports a square label with letters wildly dancing on it - a red border in the background emphasizes that explosive effect as a red accent in the center "focuses" the composition and brings the consistency into this design. The inspiration was taken from the energy expressed in the early constructivists' works and it's perfectly reflected in the typographical composition and the color selection used in this design. It's a perfect mix of a crystal-clear taste and the devastating effect that drink produces. It's unusual and dynamic, yet easy legible and eye-catching. The overall aim was to design a bottle to truly stand out on a shelf and - as sales show - it seems that the objective was completed. The typography used is Futura Std Bold Oblique for the composition and DINPro Black and Medium for the title and the baseline. The Futura typeface was designed in 1927 by Paul Renner and it works great creating that late-constructivist feel, as its spiritual successor DINPro perfectly stabilizes this dynamic. The beauty of this design is in the simplicity of the mediums used to reach the desired effect.

Blind Gin.

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