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It's always a great pleasure to work with a big client with a defined concept and a story behind their production. This was the case with an advertising project for a grooming brand AXE. The objective was to create a new campaign - if you're familiar with the AXE's ideology you'll have it clear what the transmitted values should be. Their previous ads have a general nature of being visually exciting, but we’ve opted for a more radical solution - to play with the viewer's imagination, which can create far more exciting things than any picture can depict. As a result a whole epic story is reflected in five simple words. To emphasize the strength of the phrase a dull and indifferent grayscale color scheme was chosen. The typography used is Chalet New York 1980 designed by René Albert Chalet. The construction of the poster is firm and stable - really important qualities for a purely typographical poster.

AXE-Effect - advertising campaign.

AXE-Effect campaign

The construction.

AXE-Effect campaign construction

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