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The objective of this one was very clear: give a polite and elegant comeback to the unjustified hate spread by Samsung these days. With all the speculation surrounding Apple today - e.g. about being late with the implementation of certain "crucial" functions in their mobile phones, this was a necessary step to show that Apple's also got teeth. So, the campaign was meant to be semantically bold, yet graphically discreet. We’ve approached the project by, obviously, developing a concept. We’ve defined the essence of Apple's relationship with its competition: what's important is not who did something first, but the one who did it right. This is a powerful idea we’ve taken as a starting point to develop the main statement and to connect it with the brand's actual problem. The result is a charming one-word campaign. So simple it doesn't even have Apple's name on it. The prominence is given to Samsung - Apple signs with a small icon at the bottom. There goes the message, instant and clear, the iOS iconic red underline says it all - Apple's here to make it right.

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