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We bring results which bring results.

About us

About IVL Design

IVL Design is a marketing, advertising and design agency with teams of professionals all over the world. The idea behind IVL Design is simple - We bring results which bring results. Each decision made within a project has a reason, a reason defined by your business's needs. Want to reach your next milestone? Or are you just starting out and need that initial boost? Don't worry, we will make it happen. Sounds great, doesn't it? It sounds even better over the phone. Call us.


Our services

  • Strategy

  • Marketing plan

  • Positioning

  • Market analysis

  • Graphic design

  • Corporate identity

  • Logo design

  • Packaging

  • Print campaigns

  • 360 campaigns

  • SSMM marketing

  • Strategy

  • Web-design

  • Website coding

  • App design

  • Interface design


Some of our clients

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Frequently asked questions

At IVL Design there's only one thing that rules - the result. We never do anything that doesn't lead our client to success. First of all we define the client's objectives. After the client's approval we proceed to define the possible problems which stand on the way to achieving the business's goals. Then we start working on a solution to these problems. The final proposal will be based on the solution - this is how we ensure that the client will be happy with the result and the business will achieve its goals.

Each project is unique, that's why we prefer to discuss the price personally with the client - it's more convenient for both sides.

You can call us (09:00-23:00 CET, Monday to Sunday) or write us an email. Even if your idea isn't fully formed - we will be happy to discuss it.

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